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Saori Hara - Profile

Name: Saori Hara
Japanese: 原紗央莉
Birthdate: January 1, 1988
Birthplace: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Height: 165 cm. (5 ft 5 in)
Blood Type: O
Cup Size:E Cup
Measurements: 85-61-85 (cm)
33-24-33 (in)
Saori Hara (原紗央莉 / HARA Saori) is a Japanese AV idol, singer, and gravure model. She was born Mai Kato (加藤まい / KATO Mai) on January 1, 1988 in Hiroshima Prefecture. She is 3/4ths Japanese; her paternal grandfather is German and is well known for her unique look, voluptuous curves, and seductive brown eyes.
When Saori Hara was in 9th grade, she made her way from Hiroshima to Tokyo with the goal of becoming an idol under the stage name Mai Nanami (七海まい / NANAMI Mai). After her initial failure to break into show business, she decided to concentrate on her education at Tokyo’s entertainment industry-focused Horikoshi High School. After graduating, she spent two years drifting between part-time jobs and sparse acting work before finally getting back into the world of entertainment in earnest, making her second debut under the stage name Saori Hara in 2008.
On November 25, 2008, Saori Hara announced her impending adult video debut via an article in Shogakukan’s sabra magazine titled “SAORI-CHUU-BE” and a follow-up blog post. After that post, her blog reportedly jumped from an average of 200 views a day to over 10,000.
On January 22, 2009, her AV debut, “Geinojin Hara Saori Kiseki no AV Debut”, was released by Soft On Demand, eventually selling over 100,000 copies.Even though she has had no experience in AV, they quickly elevated her to star status on their website. Later she confessed about how nervous she was during the entire sex scene and she said she had a episode of acute gastroenteritis, that came from her nervousness. She was also the poster girl for Soft On Demand's anti-STD campaign.
In December 2009, Saori published her memoir "My Real Name is Mai Kato: Why I became an AV Girl" detailing her experience as an AV idol.
In January 2010, she was prosecuted for public lewdness, along with the photographer Kishin Shinoyama, as they tried to shoot photos in public places.
In March 24, 2010 she was crowned the 2010 Best Actress award by Sky PerfecTV, receiving the award from reigning queen Kirara Asuka she said “I am so surprised to have received this wonderful award,”
She was going from strength to strength with her AV work then sadly she suddenly retired from show business from a nervous breakdown after the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011.
After her AV retirement, she said she was making a living by working a part-time job in a bar to fill the void in her life, Also She disclosed that she was going through depression and episodes of heavy drinking during her AV career and after her retirement. Then she married a man 24 years her senior in October of 2012. According to the people familiar with the matter, she decided to resume entertainment activities because she wants her mom to recognize her as a talento and not as an adult actress. After her acting and public speaking abilities were evaluated, it was determined that the entertainment world is where she belongs. So for her return, she changed her name to Miyavi Matsunoi (松野井雅) which was given to her by the writer and actor, Lily Franky. She showed off her gravure pictures in a issue of "Weekly Playboy" which went on sale on the 7th April 2014 and she also starred in various tv shows and stage plays which she continues to this day.
Saori and her Book My Real Name is Mai Kato: Why I became an AV Girl
Here is a little translation from the book detailing how she felt doing her AV debut ....
"The actor opened his hand in front of me. It seemed really wet, filled with sweat... This part of the shooting was only supposed to take a few seconds. But then I realized that the wetness was from me, from down there. At that moment, it was spurting out of me. I felt messy, ashamed and sad. A lot of feelings were in my heart and mind, combating one another, and just like that it was over."
Saori with her cats Miro and Chrono..

Reflecting on Saori Hara: From Tragedy to Triumph in the Entertainment World

Now I really don't know if Saori lost anybody in that terrible tragedy? Most probably she did, But personally I don't think this to be the case. I feel reading all the stuff about Saori over the years is that the Great Tohoku Earthquake was a catalyst for her in a way, it just brought everything she was feeling about her life to a head. Like she said many times in various interviews that she was going through depression and episodes of heavy drinking during her AV career. So maybe the chaos of that terrible tragedy just pushed her over the edge. I believe she was proud of the work she did in her AV career which she did say many times, But on the other hand I think she loathe doing it and so the heavy drinking and depression came about. This is only speculation on my part to why she had a nervous breakdown and her swift decision to retired from show business. But of course the only person who knows for sure is Saori herself and maybe one day she might tell us her story? All I know is depression can ruin your life and I personally feel Saori's decision to quit her AV career was the best thing she did. Now this may sound melodramatic, But I feel that decision may have saved her life. At the end of the day, She made it through a horrible time in her life and she came out the other end stronger and more determined to make it in the entertainment world once more. For a Saori fan (admirer) like me it's just great to see my favorite girl back doing anything that makes her happy and that to me is the most important thing.

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